Thursday, March 9, 2017

We work collaboratively!

We worked together in two different teams to complete an maths activity.  We were part of a team based on a colour (yellow team, orange team, blue team and green team).  

We each chose a piece of the timeline then we found people from each of the other team and got together to talk about our piece of the timeline - we became 'experts' in our piece.  

We talked about what was happening in our picture and where agree it should go to complete the timeline. 

Then we got back together with our colour team and shared our expert knowledge with the rest of our team to enable us to complete the timeline.

Check out our Time of Day Expert Jigsaws!

Leah, Kyra, Claudia, Georgie, Marcus

Jeszara, Danielle, Olivia, Quinn, Evan

Oliver, Jack, Addison, Charlotte, Estella

Mackenzie, Annie, Connor, Olga, Isabel, Samuel

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