Thursday, September 22, 2016

Term 3 Learning Pathways Success!!

Our big question was 'What can we do at morning tea and lunchtimes?'

Room 4 took our ideas and designs to the extreme and created concepts/models for some amazing breakout spaces for children to use at morning tea and lunchtimes!

Check out our ideas below!

 Ava's amazing water park!

 Jackson's fabulous obstacle course!

Abby's awesome bedroom!
 Finn G, Finn B and Liam's underground Lego extravaganza!

 Holly's wicked water park!

 Nieve's fancy water park!

 Caleb's cool movie theatre!

 Keira and Owen's awesome pool party arena!

 Lucas's luxurious room!

 Dan's daring football field!

 Layla and Rebecca's cute petting zoo!

Olivia's amazing fun room!

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