Monday, August 22, 2016

Our Fabulous Colour Writing

Today we did some writing using our senses to describe colours.  All the students wrote some wonderful descriptions - here are just a few snippets to share with you.  We will publish them in full to display in the classroom.

Gold feels like the slinky gold sand between my little toes - Keira

Blue reminds me of when I was little - Finn G

It sounds like beautiful clouds passing by and winds whistling and singing pink songs - Aadil

It feels like a silky, blue, snuggley blanket.  It looks like a calm day at the beach - Abby

My favourite colour is red because it gives me peace and it keeps me healthy - Rayaan

When I think of the colour green it reminds me of sour apples and gooey slime - Lucas

When I think about the colour pink it reminds me of butterflies flying around.  It feels like having freedom and doing what he wants  - Liam

It's the blue feeling I get of the swirling ocean - Rudi

Blue reminds me of a wonderful song - Nieve

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